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Sep 02

The Great Physician

“If our Father permits a trial to come, it must be because the trial is the sweetest and best thing that could happen to us, and we must accept it with thanks from His dear hand.

The Great Physician

“If our Father permits a trial to come, it must be because the trial is the sweetest and best thing that could happen to us, and we must accept it with thanks from His dear hand.

The Youngest Pilot In The Navy

On September 2, 1944, George Herbert Walker Bush, the youngest pilot then serving in the U.S. Navy, climbed into a TBM Avenger torpedo bomber, catapulted off the deck of the carrier San Jacinto, and headed toward Chichi Jima, a Japanese island 600 miles south of Tokyo. With him rode two crewmen, radioman Jack Delaney and gunnery officer Ted White. Their target: a Japanese radio installation.

As Bush dove toward the station, black splotches of antiaircraft fire exploded around the Avenger. “Suddenly there was a jolt, as if a massive fist had crunched into the belly of the plane,” he later wrote. “Smoke poured into the cockpit, and I could see flames rippling across the crease of the wing, edging toward the fuel tanks.” He managed to unload his bombs on the target and head the Avenger to sea, yelling for his crewmates to bail out. As the aircraft lost altitude, Bush jumped as well, colliding with the plane’s tail on the way. He landed bleeding but alive in the water. Delaney and White did not survive—one’s parachute failed to open, and the other never made it out of the plane.

Bush climbed into a life raft as Japanese boats sped toward him. U.S. fighter planes drove them back, but currents pushed the raft toward Chichi Jima, where (unbeknownst to Bush) the Japanese had executed and cannibalized American POWs. Using his hands, Bush paddled furiously against the tide.

A few hours later, he saw a periscope break the water’s surface, followed by the hull of the sub USS Finback. Within minutes, the downed pilot was safely aboard.

The Navy sent Bush to Hawaii for rest and recovery. But he couldn’t sit still while the war raged, especially when he thought of his lost comrades. So the future president cut short his leave and headed back to the San Jacinto to finish his tour of duty.

From William J. Bennett’s American Patriot’s Daily Almanac 

God’s Pursuit Of Man (book review)

God’s Pursuit Of Man (book review)

God's Pursuit Of ManA.W. Tozer was a prophet in his time, and his words still carry the same weight every time I read them. God’s Pursuit Of Man is a thus-saith-the-Lord wakeup call to realize how much God wants to be in a close relationship with us.

Each chapter took me deeper and deeper into God’s presence. Tozer uses the Scripture in a way that cuts through all of the excuses and posturing, and made me come…

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Sep 01

Beautiful #sky this evening #sunset #clouds  (at Securus Domus)

Beautiful #sky this evening #sunset #clouds (at Securus Domus)

“So think this way. Not: I must have faith and love so as to be worth God’s favor; but rather: God’s favor is free and it is infinitely worth trusting. Walking worthy of that favor means walking by faith because faith is the one thing that agrees with (and fits) our bankruptcy and God’s infinite worth.” — John Piper

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“This is the wisdom of God: Purchase the day! Purchase the hour! Purchase the moment! Spend whatever it takes to buy each hour and harness it in the chariot of your highest, eternal goal—the glory of God.” —John Piper

“Yet let the love of righteousness suppress this thirst for ambitiousness…. For this is a great enemy to our faith, if the desire of glory have more…

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“Everyone feels benevolent if nothing happens to be annoying him at the moment. Thus a man easily comes to console himself for all his other vices by a conviction that ‘his heart’s in the right place’ and ‘he wouldn’t hurt a fly,’ though in fact he has never made the slightest sacrifice for a fellow creature. We think we are kind when we are only happy: it is not so easy, on the same grounds, to imagine oneself temperate, chaste, or humble.” — C.S. Lewis, The Problem With Pain

“Too much of our Christian witnessing is unconvincing because we have not been convinced. We are ineffectual because we have not yet capitulated to the Lord from glory.” — A.W. Tozer 

My Accent

My AccentThe prophet Amos opens his book with these words: The words of Amos…. Amos was the one God chose to deliver His message, and Amos never forgot that, not did he let his audience forget.

It’s not a filler phrase, but it becomes the accent by which everyone knew Amos’ voice. Over 40 times in this short book Amos uses phrases like “says the Lord,” or “declares the Sovereign Lord.”Amos constantly…

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Aug 31

“Above all, grieve not the Spirit. Quench not the Spirit. Vex not the Spirit. Drive Him not to a distance, by tampering with small bad habits and little sends. Little jarrings between husbands and wives make unhappy homes; and petty inconsistencies, known and allowed, will bring in a strangeness between you and the Spirit. … The man who walks with God in Christ most closely, will generally be kept in the greatest peace. The believer who follows the Lord most fully and aims at the highest degree of holiness will ordinarily enjoy the most assured hope, and have the clearest persuasion of his own salvation.” — J.C. Ryle