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Aug 29

Darkness Is Losing | Jefferson Bethke | Spoken Word - YouTube -


He nails it again…

A little sneak peak at some of our senior picture photo shoot today #sunflowers #beauty

A little sneak peak at some of our senior picture photo shoot today #sunflowers #beauty


“Let us in the same way show to the people of the world who think our religion to be slavery, that it is a delight and a joy; that it is no more a burden to us to pray than it is for the fish to swim; that it is no more bondage for us to serve God than for a bird to fly. True godliness is our natural element now that we have a new nature given us by the Spirit of God.” — Charles Spurgeon


“I reject a heaven that I must enter by shutting my eyes to the sufferings of my fellow men. I choose a broken heart rather than any happiness that ignores the tragedy of human life and human death. Though I, through the grace of God in Christ, no longer lie under Adam’s sin, I would still feel a bond of compassion for all of Adam’s tragic race, and I am determined that I shall go down to the grave or up into God’s heaven mourning for the lost and the perishing.” — A.W. Tozer 

Great-heart & Christiana From “Pilgrim’s Progress”

Great-heart & Christiana From “Pilgrim’s Progress”

Pilgrim's ProgressI love Pilgrim’s Progress! You can read my full book review by clicking here. I’m sharing some of my favorite passages from this classic.

This is part of a dialogue between Great-heart and Christiana—

Great-heart: “He [Christ] has more righteousness than you have need of, or than He needeth Himself.”

Christiana: “Pray make that appear.”

Great-heart:“With all my heart: but first I must premise,…

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Aug 28


Cicada #insect #macro

Cicada #insect #macro

“No man can be a good bishop if he loves his title but not his task.” — Augustine